Luxury brands always managed to uphold their appeal because they retained an aura of mystery & exclusivity.

Having included social media in their digital marketing strategy, how can they retain their position in a time of oversharing? The answer is simple: retain an aura of mystery and share efficiently.

  1. Each post should be thought in terms of strategy, objective, message and most importantly creativity.
  2. Social media is a means of a communication on its own with its own content (in accordance with their overall strategy). Content created for a print campaign cannot be always easily adapted to an Instagram format and it shouldn’t.
  3. Strategy and overall objectives

What’s the purpose of your presence on social media?

To inspire? To increase brand’s notoriety? To engage with consumers? To drive sales? Once objectives are defined, we can tackle content creation.

On with Content. We will keep this conscience: storytelling, exclusive experiences, social media formats…and innovation!

Storytelling can be about partially sharing the brand’s DNA: Heritage, History, Icons, Know-How…Instagram is a pertinent social media for visual storytelling.


Offer fans an exclusive experience such as a preview of a store opening, a launch of new collection, backstage look at a fashion show…this drives engagement among fans and solidifies the feeling of being part of a privileged community.

Effective social media formats to reach each objective: Facebook Carousel, Instagram stories, Gif, live videos, animated visuals…

Luxury brands are expected to continue to innovate, push creative boundaries and create unique experiences for their audience.

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