What to look for when hiring a content agency?

You could be looking for many characteristics, to make the choice easier we boiled it down to five:

1. An agency that listens, cares and understands

– An agency that listens and asks you the right questions. This way they can provide you with right solutions.

– An agency that cares about your brand, employees and goals as if it was it’s own, interested in your business and helping it evolve and grow.

– An agency that understands, your brand, your product/services, your niche and your audience.

2. A dream team

This is a team you will be working with for a minimum of six months.

– Look for compatibility from the first meeting. Don’t Jude a book by its cover, but trust your instinct & ask them questions:

Who will you be dealing with? The work process? Daily calls? Weekly meeting? Deliverables?

You want a team easy to get along with, but that can also get the job done (within a deadline).

3. Creative & innovative ideas

– A creative teams that will take risks and stay up all night drafting BIG ideas.

– Thinking outside and inside the book: an agency, that delivers the familiar, and the unexpected.

4. A grasp of tools

– A team that knows how to utilize the right tools to measure results, and not get stuck in the glossy numbers.

– How to analyze data and take marketing decisions in accordance.

– They know how to measure success: generating leads, driving sales, increasing brand awareness.

5. Good work

– Check out previous clients, their work, their results and their ROI. Big names are great, they won many awards, but small agencies are even better! Why? It will take another post to tell it all but in three words: fast, creative and adaptive.

Final thoughts: Whether you are contemplating an agency that someone recommended or you just stumbled on the blog of one, the last factor to take into account, is to hire an agency that you trust won’t keep you awake at night tweeting.