How to maximize your ROI on social media ?

1. Pick the right social media channel 

– Pick the right social media that fits with your goals and target.

– Research your audience and get informed about each social media to find the right blend.

And no need to be on all of them. Pick 1 to 3 channels maximum.

– Focus efforts on creating content for each channel, separately, since consumer’s behavior varies on each one.

Bonus: set clear objectives, a calendar and scheduled post to remain consistent.

2. New and old content: Update and Recycle

 – To keep your content fresh and your reader engaged, update your content regularly.

– When you are running out of time and ideas; recycle and repost previous content. It can be one of your greatest hits, it will peek new interest and confirms your position as an expert.

And if you are really out of time, you can always curate content related to your field and share it with your audience.

3. User generated content

Since you probably have invested in building a relationship with your consumers & creating communities, now costumers can be great assets for producing content.

– Make a social media campaign and ask them to be part of it. This can vary from rewarding them for using your product, to featuring their usage of your product on your own social media or website…and Leverage your top content creators to keep the conversation going and increase engagement.

 4. Find compromise between organic & paid marketing

– Organic reach is great when you are first starting out. But let’s not stop there. Combining it with paid advertising puts your content in front of more people.

And it improves your ROI!

– There are two rules: 20% content creation and 80% promotion or 80% content creation and 20% promotion; there is no right or wrong answer, it comes down to the resources you want to allocate to each.

5. Measure, measure, measure

– The first data most marketers look at is: the number of followers likes and retweets. These are interesting figures in terms of brand awareness.

– But the real measurement comes down to collecting and analyzing data related to your brand’s goals such as: reach, website traffic, leads generated, signups and conversions, sales revenues.

– Now you know the social media that increases traffic and the type of content that resonates with your audience. Now you know where to concentrate your efforts.


Thanks for reading. We hope we made your life a little easier 🙂